Correction Tape

Create clean, precise lines for corrections.

Achieve a more professional look without any drying time. PLUS correction tape is the better way to make corrections.

Correction Tape glides onto paper smoothly. The tape applicator's head flexes and at the same time provides stability in order to produce straight lines. More control gives your documents a more professional look.

And unlike messy correction liquids, there is no drying time!


Correction Tape PS

Highly portable pen style with a new torque mechanism that keeps the tape tight and ready to use.

  • Familiar and comfortable pen shape and features.
  • Torque mechanism for the smoothes application.
  • Tape width: 5mm.
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    Correction Tape MR

    Easy-to-hold pen shape with replaceable tape cartridge.

  • The familiar pen shape is easy to hold.
  • Replaceable tape cartridge.
  • Tape width: 5mm.
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    Correction Tape FX

    Advanced ergonomic design with a flexible head.

  • Unique and comfortable side-ways-holding design.
  • Flexible head for smooth and precise tape placement.
  • Tape width: 5mm.
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    Correction Tape ME

    Economical combination pack.

  • Two Correction Tapes ME per pack (1 yellow, 1 green).
  • Compact size. Comfortable gripping due to the thumb rest.
  • Tape width: 5mm.
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    Correction Tape Grab Jar

    Economical and fun.

  • Grab Jar contains three fun patterns to choose from.
  • Correction Tape is compact and easy to use.
  • Tape width: 5mm.
  • Glue Tape Grab Jars also available!
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