Glue Tape



Honeycomb-dot tape for a clean finish. Refillable.
  • The honeycomb-dot tape allows the tape to break cleanly.
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable every-day use.
  • Retractable cap for neat and convenient storage.
  • Permanent glue tape.
  • Replaceable tape cartridge.
  • Tape width: 8.4mm
  • Tape length: 16m
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    Apply clean and precise lines of adhesive instead of using messy liquid glues or glue sticks. The TG-620BC has a honeycomb-dot tape pattern that allows the tape to break more cleanly during application. This assures a neat finish. It has a revolutionary new design with a spin head mechanism and a replaceable tape cartridge. Ecologically and economically friendly.


    Honeycomb-dot pattern tape
    The newly developed tape pattern consist of a series of honeycomb dots which allow the tape to “break” more easily and more cleanly when you finish applying a line of glue tape.

    Revolutionary design
    The outer case opens up to provide access to the replaceable cartridge. The tip spins out of the way and returns to assure tightness of the tape.

    Ergonomic form factor
    Glue tape is applied firmly to the paper. The roller tip minimizes sideways movement, helping assure straight clean lines of glue tape.