Glue Tape

TG-720 Series


Clean-finishing, honeycomb-dot pattern.
  • Familiar and comfortable pen shape and features.
  • Smooth tape application.
  • The honeycomb-dot pattern provides a clean break.
  • Tape width: 8.4mm (Blue), 6mm (Pink), 4mm (Green)
  • Tape length: 8m
    Available Colors    


    Apply thin strips of glue with ease and accuracy. The honeycomb dot pattern of the TG-720 series allows the tape to break cleanly when the applicator is lifted away from the paper. Three TG-720 models to choose from, each with a differnt width of glue tape best suited for particular projects.


    Comfortable to use, highly portable design
    Shaped much like a pen, the stick-type applicator fits naturally in your hand, providing for easy control and a smooth application of glue tape. Like a pen, it is stored easily in your pocket or desk drawer.

    Available in assorted widths for a variety of projects
    Glue tape has a hint of color for better visibility during application.
    Blue: Most suitable for gluing documents, sealing letter sized envelopes. Pink: Perfect for gluing handouts or notebooks, or for gluing receipts, photos, etc. Green: Ideal for paper craftwork or for applications that require detailed gluing.

    Clean-cutting, honeycomb-dot pattern
    The newly developed tape pattern consist of a series of honeycomb dots which allow the tape to “break” more easily and more cleanly when you finish applying a line of glue tape.

    Glue tape adheres firmly to the paper
    The flexible head allows you to apply even pressure to the paper as you roll out the glue tape, resulting in a consistent and controlled application.