Glue Tape

TG-810 ("Bean")


Compact and cute, permanent glue tape TG-810.
  • Small in size, but dispenses strong adhesive.
  • Compact, yet comfortable design for comfortable every-day use.
  • Retractable tip for neat and convenient storage.
  • Permanent glue tape.
  • Tape width: 6mm
  • Tape length: 8m
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    Apply clean and precise lines of adhesive instead of using messy liquid glues or glue sticks. The TG-810 comes in a compact "bean" shape that is well suited for smaller hands. While small in size, the TG-810 holds and impressive amount of strong adhesive tape. Easily store this tiny applicator in a pencil case or desk drawer.


    Compact, yet comfortable
    The compact size of the TG-810 makes it perfect for adding to your school supplies, placing in a desk drawer or carrying with you anywhere. The bean shape fits comfortably in smaller hands. Even though it is small, the tape width of 1/4 inch (6mm) allows for good control and strong adhesion when working on detailed projects. And, the TG-810 holds an impressive 26 feet (8m) of glue tape.

    Honeycomb-dot pattern tape
    Honeycomb-dot pattern tape
    The newly developed tape pattern consist of a series of honeycomb dots which allow the tape to “break” more easily and more cleanly when you finish applying a line of glue tape. The TG-810 uses the mini-roller head to improve tape adhesion to the paper. Tape is firmly applied to the targeted areas.

    Retractable tape head
    Simply slide the lever back until the tape head is fully extended, and slide it forward to close. The cover protects the glue tip, while preventing glue application on unwanted surfaces.