Glue Tape

Grab Jar


Glue Tape that puts the "fun" in functional!
  • Jar contains 50 permanent TG-510 Glue Tapes.
  • Small in size, but dispenses strong adhesive.
  • Hinged glue tip cover prevents accidental gluing when not in use.
  • Bright colors.
  • Fun patterns.
  • Perfect for kids, gifts, crafting and more.
  • Tape width: 6mm
  • Tape length: 5m
  • Grab jar is also available with correction tape! More info
    Available Colors    


    The Glue Tape Grab Jar contains 50 permanent TG-510 Glue Tapes. The tape applicators come in 3 bright colors and each color is imprinted with a fun, unique pattern. The glue tapes apply clean and precise lines of adhesive instead of using messy liquid glues or glue sticks. The small size of the TG-510 makes it perfect for pencil cases, gifts, goodie bags, or on-the-go use.


    Compact, but produces a strong bond and a clean finish.
    The compact size of the TG-510 makes it perfect for adding to your school supplies, placing in a desk drawer or carrying with you anywhere. Even though it is small, the tape width of 1/4 inch (6mm) allows for good control and strong adhesion when working on detailed projects. And, the TG-510 holds an impressive 16 feet (5m) of glue tape.

    A disposable Glue Tape with a little flair.
    The bright colors and fun patterns on the glue tape applicator put the “fun” in functional. The roller head of the TG-510 provides a smooth and light feel when applying tape. The hinged cover protects the glue tip, while preventing glue application on unwanted surfaces.