Staple-free stapler

Paper Clinch


Fasten paper without using staples.
  • Secures upto 4 sheets (20 lb paper).
  • Never buy staples again.
  • Always ready to use.
  • Perfect for school, home and office.
  • Ideal for school children.
  • Paper shredder safe.
    Available Colors  


    A new way to fasten
    Using a unique inter-folding process,
    the Paper Clinch fastens paper
    without the use of staples. You'll
    never worry about running out of
    staples again! And without the
    presence of staples, recycling is
    made easy – just drop in the bin.

    Compact design
    Palm-sized for easy handling. Use
    while at a desk or while standing.
    The small size also makes the Paper
    Clinch a great tool for children.

    Fasten on corner or side
    Capable of fastening paper not only at corners, but also on the sides.
    This makes it great for fastening a variety of documents including
    contracts, spreadsheets, etc.