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M-18W - Standard Electronic Color Copyboard

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Writing Panels: 2
Writing Area: 70"w x 35"h
Paper Type: Plain Paper, Color / Black & White

Competitively priced color copyboard for your most productive meetings. 

Simple, practical, efficient and stylish too. 

Store your work digitally.

Written data saved as PDF (JPEG & PNG format available) file to USB Memory device or directly to computer via USB cable connection (M-18 recognized as removable drive). Saved data is in color.

Print your work to plain paper.

The M-18 allows you to print the written data on the board in color or black and white using compatible inkjet and laser printers. Up to 10 print-outs at a time from single scan. (View compatible printer list

    Key Features 

    • 2 Writing Panels.
    • Slim Profile 3 inches slimmer than previous models the lighter M-18 is easily mounted on a wall and takes up less space in your meeting room or office.
    • Faster Scanning Time The M-18S scans in a mere 15 seconds, an improvement of 8 seconds over the previous model.
    • Smooth Hand-Scrolling The surface of the M-18 is easy to move when using just your hand. The scrolling force needed has been reduced to 7 oz (0.2kg).
    • Plug and play  No need to install software. Both PC and Mac compatible.
    • Eco-friendly, Low Power Consumption The M-18 uses LED light system for low power consumption. No lamp replacement is necessary. Power consumption has been reduced to 12W/3W [Operation/Standby]
    • Magnet Attachable Magnets can be attached to the board surface.

     Shown with optional stand and printer (wall mounting equipment included).