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Glue Tape TG-724 REFILLS - 4 Pack

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Introducing our pen-style applicator with 26 feet of extra thin, permanent glue tape. This innovative adhesive tool is perfect for all your crafting needs.

  • The unique, extra-thin tape features a clean cutting and honeycomb pattern.
  • Pen-style applicator fits naturally in your hand.
  • Ideal for use with ribbons, die cuts, and other detailed gluing.
  • Refillable.
  • Acid-Free.
Tape Width: 4 mm, 1/8 inch
Tape Length: 8 M, 26 feet

The unique feature of this glue tape is its extra-thin design, which allows for precise and detailed gluing. The tape is specially crafted with a clean cutting and honeycomb pattern, ensuring smooth and accurate application. Whether working with ribbons, die cuts, or other intricate projects, this glue tape is ideal for achieving excellent results.

One of the standout qualities of this pen-style applicator is its ergonomic design. It fits naturally in your hand, providing comfort and ease of use during crafting sessions. Say goodbye to awkward and uncomfortable grips, as this applicator is designed to make your gluing experience more enjoyable.

Another convenient feature is that the pen-style applicator is refillable, allowing you to continue using it without the hassle of replacing the entire unit. Simply purchase the refills and keep crafting to your heart's content. This ensures a cost-effective and sustainable solution for all your adhesive needs.

Furthermore, our glue tape is acid-free, making it safe for various materials. You can confidently use it on your cherished photos, delicate papers, and other valuable items without worrying about damage or discoloration. Preserve your memories and creations with peace of mind.

The tape width measures 4 mm or approximately 1/8", providing a narrow adhesive line for precise application. This width is ideal for intricate projects where accuracy is key.

With a generous tape length of 26 feet or 8 meters, you'll have plenty of adhesives to complete numerous projects. No need to worry about running out quickly; this pen-style applicator ensures you have enough glue tape to see your creative endeavors through.

Our pen-style applicator with 26 feet of extra thin, permanent glue tape is a must-have tool for crafters. Its unique features, including the extra-thin tape with a clean cutting, honeycomb pattern, ergonomic design, refillable nature, acid-free composition, and precise tape width and length, make it perfect for a wide range of detailed gluing tasks. Add this versatile adhesive tool to your crafting arsenal and unlock your creative potential today!