Here we have compiled some of our more frequent technical support inquiries. If the solution to your question is not found here, our experienced technical support staff is available from 7:am to 5:pm, Monday thru Friday, Pacific Standard Time. Toll-free at 1-800-211-9001 or via e-mail at

What is the difference between XGA and SVGA resolution?
The logo screen and menus look correct, but when the computer source is attached the projected image is entirely tinted (i.e. green, pink, purple).
I can't see the image on my laptop and the projector at the same time.
How do I dispose of my expired lamp?
Logo (no signal) screen with a VCR.
There are horizontal or vertical lines across the image.
My colors look completely wrong.
Why do I only get a blue screen? My computer is on and attached properly.
My computer is attached to the projector, buy my screen is black.
Why is the image cut off on the top and/or the bottom?
Why is the display image distorted or appears to have a synch problem?
How do I extend my VGA cable?
Remote mouse troubleshooting.
How long do lamps last? Where do I get more?
V Series      
When changing from Video Input (Video, S-Video, etc.) to Data Input (RGB, DVI) the projection does not look clean or sharp.
How can the projector receive a "Digital RGB" Signal?
U2 Series      
I get an RGB indication on a blue screen, but no picture.
U4 Series      
Can the U4 remote be used as a remote mouse for my PC?
U3 Series      
The projection from my computer is broken up into three sections and it says "YCbCr No Signal."
The mouse seems to be highly intermittent when advancing slides.
How do you interrupt presentations without powering down?
Why is the paper advancing, but the copy printing out blank?
Why is the copy printing out light?
Why is there a solid black line in the middle of my printout on my new copyboard?
UP Series      
How do you reset the lamp timer once you have replaced the lamp?


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