Company Timeline

1948 Chiyoda Stationary founded as a wholesale stationer (a Japanese corporation)
1959 Chiyoda Stationery renamed PLUS Corporation
1963 PLUS Industrial Co., Ltd. established
1972 PLUS Corporation logo established
1980 PLUS U.S.A. Corporation (a New Jersey corporation) established.
1984 PLUS Copyboards introduced into the U.S. Market
1985 PLUS Corporation Taiwan incorporated
1990 PLUS U.S.A. Corporation was re-established as PLUS Corporation of America
2000 PLUS Corp. of America acquires Lightware, Inc., (An Oregon corporation) Projectors and Copyboards are the main product lines
2001 PLUS Corporation of America changed name to PLUS Vision Corporation of America
2009 Projector sales discontinued
2009 PLUS' Kes'pon Guard Your ID line introduced to the U.S. Market
2010 PLUS Vision Corporation of America changed name to PLUS Corporation of America
2011 PLUS' Stationery products reintroduced to the U.S. Market

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