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Clean Note Board - 7" Width x 8.5" Height

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PLUS has created a new way to memo! The Clean Note Board Kaite is a rewritable memo board with a silky-smooth writing surface. Thanks to its proprietary magnetic technology, the Kaite Board also offers full or partial erasing capabilities. It is an environmentally friendly solution that can be used again and again! Great writing pad for kids, home and office.

  • EASY TO USE AND NATURAL WRITING FEEL: No need to use a marker, the unique Magnetic "Pencil” is designed to deliver a silky smooth, natural writing feel and cleans easily with no dust or smears. The magnetic "Pencil" is double-sided, offering two different line widths. To erase small areas, use the "Pencil" cap or use the handheld eraser for larger areas.
  • DUST-FREE: Because no ink or lead is used, no dust, smudges or eraser residue is produced. You can feel comfortable using the pad in a home, office, hospital, restaurant, or anywhere where cleanliness is a priority.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: The Clean Writing Board is an environmentally friendly and economical tool, as it does not consume items like paper, ink or batteries.
  • ENDLESS CREATIVE IDEAS: Unleash your creativity with a clean writing pad. You no longer have to worry about wasting or finding supplies. Simply write, instantly snap a picture using our free Kaite App (works with your Android or iPhone) then erase and repeat!
    • Dimensions: 8.75 X 7.2 X 0.12 inch
    • Writing Area: 8.43 X 7 inch with dedicated pen & dedicated eraser included.