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Guard Your ID Advanced Roller 2 Pack with Camo Tape and Refill

Original price $34.96
Current price $24.96
SKU 38667
Color: Green

Protect your private information from identity thieves!
Simply roll the stamp or tape over the text you want to mask.
Features a unique stamp pattern designed to hide the text underneath it.
The Advanced Roller works on most coated surfaces.
Ideal for use on prescription bottles, bills, bank statements, junk mail and more..
Camo Tape easily masks a single line of text. 
Ideal for use on cashed checks, tax documents, applications or other items you want to discard, give away or keep.
Great alternatives to a shredder.
Kit contains 2 Advanced Rollers, 1 Camo Tape and 1 Camo Tape Refill.

Advanced Roller
Product Dimensions
: 1.5" x 2.69"
Pattern Width: .5"

Camo Tape
Product Dimensions
: 3" x 1.5" x .75"
Tape Width: .25"
Tape Length: 26'