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Deter identity theft!

What is identity theft?
Identity theft occurs when someone
uses your personally identifying
information, like your name,
Social Security number, or
credit card number, without
your permission, to commit
fraud or other crimes.

Is ID theft common?
Identity theft is the fastest
growing crime in America.
The FTC estimates that
as many as 9 million
Americans have their
identities stolen each year.

How do thieves steal your identity?
One of the ways thieves get hold of your information
is "Dumpster Diving." They rummage through trash
looking for bills or other paper with your personal
information on it, including bank and credit card
statements, pre-approved credit offers, checks, bills,
tax information, receipts, medical records and other
legal documents.

Simple and effective protection

Simply stamp on the printed information you want to conceal. The stamp pattern effectively masks the letters where applied, concealing and protecting that information form others. Stamping provides a safe and environmentally friendly alternative to using a paper shredder.

These products may not conceal all data completely. PLUS Corporation is not responsible for any damages which may be incurred through the use of these products.
Not recommended for use on the following materials:
Coated paper, glossy paper, photo paper, plastic sheet, sulfate paper, paper with a rough texture or that easily absorbs ink.

Unique Pattern

The unique pattern was developed for PLUS by Yusuke Yonetsu. Mr. Yonetsu spent more than a year testing various sets of characters from a variety of alphabets before arriving at the the currently used combination of English letters - some set askew. Patent pending.

A great alternative to a shredder

Many waste disposal companies do not accept shredded paper for curbside recycling.
Shredded paper has less fiber value. Shredding cuts fibers into very short pieces, many of which pass through paper making screens and become waste at the paper plant. Furthermore, shredded paper is difficult to sort from other recyclable. Loose shredded paper creates litter, contaminates
other materials, and often simply ends up in the garbage
at the recycling center.

  • Stamped documents are easy to recycle.
  • Stamping creates less mess and less noise.
  • Stamping is safe for children. Shredders can be dangerous.
  • Stamping doesn't require the space or electricity that a shredder does.


The PLUS Kes'pon Guard Your ID products have proven to be a popular tool in the fight against identity theft.

The Guard Your ID Stamp was introduced first in Japan in 2007 and sold over one million units in it first year. In 2008, it was listed as one of the top selling products of the year.

Since being introduced in the US in 2009, the Guard Your ID Stamp has received very well, with positive reviews in The New York Times as well as many consumer blogs. (Oh Gizmo!)

The great success of the original Guard Your ID Stamp has led to the introduction of other PLUS security products including the Roller, the Mini Stamp and Camouflage Tape.