Decoration Roller
Create fun and colorful
patterns simply by rolling
the stamp. Perfect for backgrounds, borders and more!


Decoration Tape
Add some flair! Give your every-day documents a personal touch with fun patterns.

Deco Roller Mini
A smaller version of the popular Decoration Roller. Add unique and fun patterns to your craft projects.


Paper Clinch
Staple-free stapler! Fastens paper using a unique inter-folding process instead of using staples.

Glue Tape
Apply a thin strip of adhesive with ease and accuracy. No more messy liquids.


Correction Tape
Create clean white lines for corrections. Less messy and more accurate than liquids. And no drying time!

Camouflage Folders
The unique pattern on the transparent cover masks printed text, yet document headings remain legible.


Innovative curved blades continuously cut at a 30 degree angle, offering 2x
the cutting force of straight edge scissors.

Finger Pads
Turn pages with ease. The high friction material and honeycomb-dot texture grip paper firmly.


Expandable Folders
Zero Max folders have an expandable spine. Collapse or expand to store the number of documents you desire.