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GYID - Guard Your ID Extra Wide Roller Security Kit 2-Pack

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EXTRA WIDE ROLLER: Your Shield Against Identity Theft

  • Instant Protection: A quick click and roll is all it takes.
  • Double Coverage: At twice the width of our standard roller, it covers more of your sensitive information in a single stroke.
  • Self-Inking for Ease: No mess, no fuss, just continuous security.
  • Unique Obscuring Pattern: Designed to conceal printed text of any length with a specially formulated, oil-based ink.
  • Essential for Sensitive Documents: Perfect for securing bills, bank statements, junk mail, and more while ensuring they can still be recycled.
  • Shredder-Free Security: An eco-friendly alternative to shredding.
  • Specifications: Dimensions: 3" x 1.5" x 2.9"; Pattern Width: 2.2 inches, covering up to 12 lines of text. Delivers approximately 1,600 impressions. Model # IS-510CM; Refill # IS-017CM.

ADVANCED ROLLER: Compact, Efficient Identity Protection

  • Easy to Use: Roll over text to mask your information before discarding it.
  • Ingenious Stamp Pattern: Specifically designed to hide underlying text, with ink that adheres to most coated surfaces.
  • Versatile: Ideal for various documents, including prescription bottles, bills, credit card offers, and more.
  • No Accidents: Comes with a twist-off cap to prevent unintended inking.
  • Discreet and Quiet: Offers a compact, mess-free alternative to noisy shredders.
  • Specifications: Dimensions: 1.5" x 2.69" x 1.5"; Pattern Width: .5 inch, covering up to 3 lines of text. Good for approximately 1,000 uses. Model # IS-530CM.

Guard Your ID Rollers provide an innovative solution to protect your personal information with ease and efficiency. Choose the Extra Wide Roller for larger tasks or the Advanced Roller for everyday use, and take a step towards securing your privacy today.