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Premium box packaging has been introduced for seven products since 2018, eliminating the need for plastic. This change will lead to a reduction of 18.5 tons of plastic by 2022.


PLUS offers many refillable products, and non-refillable models are made from recyclable plastics.

“It is a good idea not to shred paper unless it is necessary for confidentiality. ”



Unlike shredded paper, stamped documents can be recycled. In fact, most recycling centers will not even accept shredded paper, and will send it directly to the landfill. These centers know that small pieces of paper will slip through their machinery and create a big mess. Additionally, the paper strips often get mixed up with other recycled materials and trying to untangle these items is not a task the recycling centers are willing to take on. When shredded, paper fibers also become too small to be useful when creating new paper products. Paper mills utilize large screens during the paper-making process, and the small pieces of shredded paper often fall through the screens…again making a large mess. 


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