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All stamps are not created equal.

With the wide variety of Guard Your ID stamps and rollers available today, we know how confusing it can be. Our hope is that the images and explanations below will assist you in defining which roller/refill is right for you.


* Please note that all Guard Your ID stamps and rollers are refillable, EXCEPT for the Advanced, glossy surface models shown below.


Does your roller look like this?

These three Guard Your ID Rollers are refillable and can be used on plain paper surfaces. When the time comes to purchase a new refill, simple visit

Does your roller look like this?

The Advanced 2.0, Advanced X and Advanced 3 in 1 Rollers use specially formulated ink which allows them to be used on certain glossy surfaces. They can be used on magazine labels and most prescription bottles, as well as regular paper.For quality control purposes the ink is injected at the factory and sealed into the roller. Therefore there are no refills for these models. Both the IS-530CM & IS-560CM are good for approximately 1,000 uses, while the larger IS-540CM, IS-570CM and IS-580CM models allow for approximately 1,600. Once the ink is exhausted you simply recycle or dispose of the unit and purchase another at

Do you have a stamp like this?

All the Guard Your ID stamps shown below can be used on plain paper surfaces and are refillable. Refills for these stamps can be found at