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Headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, PLUS manufactures a large variety of products that will meet all your family's needs. For the home we have security stamps to help protect your identity, or magnets to brighten up a kitchen. For the office we offer copyboards, notebooks or correction tape. The crafter in the house will enjoy Deco Rollers and Tapes... and don't send the kids to school without their scissors, glue tape or staple-free stapler!


PLUS takes pride in the high quality and innovative products we manufacture. A great example of this would be our popular identity theft protection stamps. Over 15.4 million Americans were victims of identity theft last year, and we are passionate about protecting an individual’s private information. To this end, our R & D team spent months working on the security stamp design before launching this unique, completely original product. In fact, over 100 stamp patterns were tested before they were finally satisfied with the result. From magnets and stamps to scissors and tapes, it is this determination and attention to detail that makes a PLUS product special.