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Hide complete sentences or just a single letter. Perfect for items you want to discard or share.

  • Original price $34.96
    Current price $24.96

    Guard Your ID Advanced Roller 2 Pack with Camo Tape and Refill

    Protect your private information from identity thieves!Simply roll the stamp or tape over the text you want to mask.Features a unique stamp patter...

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  • Original price $27.98
    Current price $23.98

    Extra Wide Roller/Camo Tape Bundle

  • from $5.99

    Guard Your ID Dual Defense Tape

    EASY TO USE: Quickly roll over applicator over your personal information you want to conceal. The advanced roller cartridge lets you easily mask o...

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  • from $5.99

    Guard Your ID Camo Tape (IS-450CM)

    Unique pattern covers printed text in clean, straight lines. Hide complete sentences or just a single letter. Ideal for selectively blocking infor...

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