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GYID - Guard Your ID Extra Wide Roller (IS-510CM) with Extra Refill (IS-017CM)

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Locking down sensitive information has never been easier. When using a Guard Your ID Wide Roller, a unique stamp pattern is applied, masking printed text and making it unreadable. The Wide Roller also uses a specially formulated, oil-based ink that is designed for use on non-glossy paper. It is the perfect tool for covering private information on bills, bank statements, credit card offers, cashed checks, tax returns, and more.

Not only is Guard Your ID a convenient, quiet, and mess-free alternative to a shredder but unlike shredded paper, stamped documents are recyclable, making it an eco-friendly option. 

  • Quick and easy to use...just click and roll.
  • Twice the width of a standard roller.
  • Covers more information in a single stroke.
  • Self-inking stamp cartridge.
  • A unique pattern obscures printed text of any length.
  • Specially formulated, oil-based ink.
  • Perfect for bills, bank statements, junk mail, and more.
  • Easily recycle stamped documents.
  • A great alternative to a shredder.
  • Stamp Width: 2.2 inches Will cover 12 lines of text at a time. 
  • Each roller is good for approximately 1,600 uses.