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Correction Tape Mini 1-Pack

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The Perfect Solution for Effortless Error Correction

Upgrade your error correction experience with our Correction Tape Mini. This convenient and compact set ensures ample high-quality correction tape at your fingertips while offering exceptional value with significant savings.

Say goodbye to the hassle of messy liquid correction fluid and embrace the efficiency and professionalism of our Correction Tape Mini. With its innovative design, you can achieve a flawless look without any drying time. Apply the tape smoothly and effortlessly for seamless corrections that blend seamlessly with your original content. Our long-lasting tape ensures that your corrections remain securely in place, providing your documents with a clean and polished appearance that leaves no room for mistakes.

Versatility is key, and our Correction Tape Mini is designed to meet the needs of various environments. This compact correction tape is reliable for precision and ease, whether at home, school or office. Its portable and lightweight casing fits perfectly in your pen case, pouch, or drawer, ensuring you always have it within reach when needed.

We take pride in the quality of our correction tape, and that's why our Correction Tape Mini features tape imported from Japan. This premium tape offers strong adhesion and high concealment and prevents any ink from seeping from the back side to the surface of the tape. With this level of quality, you can trust that our correction tape will deliver outstanding performance and reliability.

Measuring 4.2 mm in tape width (equivalent to 5/32 inch) and 7 meters in tape length (23 feet), our Correction Tape Mini provides the ideal dimensions for precise and accurate corrections. The narrow tape width ensures that you can easily make minor corrections, allowing you to maintain the integrity and accuracy of your work.

Our Correction Tape Mini is the ultimate solution for effortless error correction. It is perfect for a wide range of settings, including home, school, and office environments. Trust our Correction Tape Mini to provide the professional finish you desire, making every correction a seamless part of your work.

  • Eliminate errors quickly and easily.
  • Achieve a more professional look without any drying time.
  • Long-lasting tape.
  • Perfect for home, school, and office.
  • 1-pack. 

Tape Width: 4.2 mm, 5/32 inch
Tape Length: 7 M, 23 feet