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Glue Tape TG-610BC - 4 Pack

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Introducing TG-610BC, our easy-to-use applicator that contains 72 feet of high-quality glue tape. This permanent glue tape offers strong adhesion, making it ideal for various projects and applications.

  • Permanent glue tape with strong adhesion.
  • Smooth and easy application.
  • The applicator fits comfortably in your hand.
  • Refillable.
  • Acid-Free.

Tape Width: 8.5 mm, 1/3 inch
Tape Length: 22 M, 72 feet

The smooth and easy application process ensures a hassle-free experience, allowing you to achieve precise and neat results with every use. The ergonomic design of the applicator fits comfortably in your hand, providing added convenience and control during application.

With 72 feet of glue tape, you'll have more than enough supply to complete multiple projects. Whether crafting, scrapbooking, or engaging in other creative endeavors, this glue tape is your reliable companion.

The TG-610BC applicator is refillable, allowing you to easily replace the tape cartridge once it's depleted. This saves you money and reduces waste, making it an environmentally-friendly choice.

Rest assured that our glue tape is acid-free, ensuring it won't cause any damage or discoloration to your precious projects over time. Preserve your artwork, photographs, and other creations with confidence.

The tape width of TG-610BC is 8.5 mm, equivalent to 1/3 inch, providing versatility for various applications. Whether working on small crafts or larger projects, this tape width offers the flexibility you need.

TG-610BC is your reliable partner for all your adhesive needs. Its easy-to-use applicator, strong adhesion, smooth application, and comfortable grip ensures hassle-free and precise results. The generous tape length, refillable design, and acid-free formula add convenience and peace of mind to your creative endeavors. Choose TG-610BC for a superior glue tape experience.