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Glue Tape TG-610BC-RE - 4 Pack

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TG-610BC-RE, our repositionable glue tape, offers a unique adhesive solution for your crafting and memo needs. This innovative tape allows you to pick up and reposition glued items multiple times, providing flexibility and convenience in your projects.

  • Smooth and easy to use.
  • Perfect for memos and crafts.
  • Refillable.
  • Acid-Free.

Tape Width: 8.5 mm, 1/3 inch
Tape Length: 16 M, 52 feet

With its smooth and easy-to-use application, TG-610BC-RE ensures a hassle-free experience. The tape rolls out smoothly, allowing you to apply it effortlessly and achieve clean, precise results. Whether you're working on memos, scrapbooking, or other crafts, this glue tape delivers exceptional performance.

Designed for versatility, TG-610BC-RE is perfect for memos and crafts. Its repositionable nature allows you to experiment with different layouts or make adjustments to your projects without damaging the materials. It's an ideal choice for those who value flexibility and creativity in their work.

The refillable design of TG-610BC-RE ensures that you can easily replace the tape cartridge when needed, saving you money and reducing waste. This eco-friendly feature makes it a sustainable choice for adhesive needs.

Rest assured that our repositionable glue tape is acid-free. This ensures that it won't cause any damage or discoloration to your important documents or creative projects over time. You can trust TG-610BC-RE to provide a secure hold while preserving the integrity of your materials.

The tape width of TG-610BC-RE is 8.5 mm, equivalent to 1/3 inch, offering versatility for various applications. Whether working on precise details or larger surfaces, this tape width provides the flexibility to bring your ideas to life.

With a generous tape length of 16 meters or 52 feet, TG-610BC-RE ensures ample supply to complete multiple projects. Whether you're a student, professional, or hobbyist, this repositionable glue tape is a valuable addition to your toolkit.

In summary, TG-610BC-RE is a repositionable glue tape that provides convenience and versatility. Its smooth application, perfect for memos and crafts, and refillable design meet the needs of creative individuals seeking flexibility in their projects. The acid-free formula ensures long-lasting quality, while the tape's width and length offer versatility and ample supply for various applications.