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N-31W - Wide Electronic Color Copyboard

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Writing Panels: 2
Writing Area: 70"w x 35"h
Paper Type: Plain Paper, Color

The N-31 series was specifically designed for offices or environments where protecting your information is top priority. Have confidence, knowing your information is secure.

Standard Features 

  • 2 Writing Panels.
  • PDF, JPG and PNG Support  Save written data to USB memory device or a computer in either PDF, JPEG or PNG formats.
  • Plug and Play There is no need to install software. Just connect your computer to the board via a USB cable whenever you want to save an image. Both PC and Mac compatible. 
  • Color inkjet or laser printer compatible. Printer is optional (See compatible printer list.)
  • Magnet Attachable Magnets can be attached to the board surface. .

Enhanced Features 

  • Network Printing Capability - Print from network printers via Printer Server for PLUS Copyboard software (resident program) 
  • Upgraded Password Security and Validation – Alpha numeric characters and special symbols used for password instead of alpha only characters. Password validity time period can be adjusted.
  • Data encryption – SSL toggled on/off via web interface (Administrator -password) Supports FTPS, HTTPS.
  • IC Card - Dedicated Intelligent Card ( 1 included) initiates scan to FTP server via card reader.  Setup through web interface.
  • Multiple Users - Up to 100 users can be programmed into the board (up-loadable csv file). Save information to a specific users FTP folder or to the boards memory. Save initiated via assigned 2 digit code (Control panel key pad input).  User accesses own saved information (password required)
  • Multiple FTP Sites – More than one FTP site can be accessed by the board.

Network and Smartphone integration                                             

Network Function:

Connect to a network via an Ethernet cable (supports DHCP).         Two options available for saving written information over the network.   

  • Save written information to the Copyboard's internal memory. Approximately 100 pages can be stored. Access the written information on the Copyboard from your computer via web browser. Information is accessible even when the Copyboard is in "Stand-by" mode. Password protected web access for added security.   
  • Save directly to an FTP server so that everyone on your team has access to the saved information.

Smartphone Function:

Control Copyboard functions from your iOS® devices or Android™ smartphones via PLUS MTG Pocket app (requires connection of Copyboard to WiFi access point).  

N-31S pictured with optional mobile stand for easy room-to-room transfer and optional printer (includes wall mounting equipment)