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GYID - Guard Your ID Premium Security Kit Advanced Roller 4-Pack

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This Guard Your ID premium kit includes two REGULAR and two WIDE rollers...that's 4 of our best-selling Advanced Rollers! Use the regular roller on small areas of text, such as on medicine bottles or cashed checks, and the wide roller on larger areas of text found on bills, bank statements, shipping labels, and more. 
  • Protect your private information from identity thieves.
  • Simply roll over the text you want to mask before discarding documents.
  • Features a unique stamp pattern designed to hide the text underneath it.
  • Specially formulated ink works on most coated surfaces.
  • Ideal for prescription bottles, magazines, bills, bank statements, credit card offers, tax returns, mortgage documents, shipping labels, and more.
  • Unlike shredded paper, stamped documents are recyclable, making Guard Your ID an eco-friendly alternative to a shredder.
  • Compact, fast, portable, quiet, and mess-free.
  • The twist-off cap prevents accidental inking.
Product Dimensions: 1.5" L x 1.5" W x 2.69" H
Pattern Width: 0.5 inch / Will cover three lines of text at a time.
Each roller is suitable for approximately 1,000 uses.
Each kit contains 2 Regular Advanced Rollers.
Model #: IS-530CM
    Product Dimensions: 1.8" L x 1.8" W x 3.25" H
    Pattern Width: 1 inch / Will cover 6 lines of text at a time.
    Each roller is good for approximately 1,600 uses.
    Each kit contains 2 WIDE Advanced Rollers.
    Model #: IS-540CM

    GUARD YOUR ID PASSION: Guard Your ID (GYID) is the ORIGINAL ID roller with our proven patent pattern designed to hide the text underneath it, keeping your personal information safe from prying eyes and identity thieves. We were the first to introduce Identity Rollers more than a decade ago, testing over 100 stamp patterns and inks with a focus on protecting and safeguarding your personal information on printed materials in an Eco-Friendly manner.

    GUARD YOUR ID PROMISE: We take significant measures to develop and manufacture Guard Your ID rollers within our facilities, assuring the highest value and social responsibilities. We stand behind the quality of each roller with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and we are always happy to assist you.

    EASY TO USE & CONVENIENT: Twist the cap off the roller and roll your Guard Your ID roller over the text you want to mask before recycling. Perfect for bills, credit card offers, bank statements, tax returns, postcards, magazines, prescription labels, unsolicited mail, address labels, and anywhere your name, social security number, address, or phone number is printed. Safe for all ages and comfortable to hold and swipe your confidential information.

    PROTECTS YOUR IDENTITY WITHIN SECONDS: Our unique patent roller pattern and formulated ink will work on all paper sources and most glossy surfaces. With one swipe, Guard Your ID roller will mask your private information, concealing your data for good and helping to safeguard you from identity thieves or anyone searching through your document storage, discarded mail, or recycle bin.

    MESS-FREE AND GREAT ALTERNATIVE TO A SHREDDER: Simple and effective protection with no mess, paper jams, noise, and need for power or space. No messy stamp pads, refill ink, ink markers, or a loud paper shredder exist. One swipe with your GYID roller is all it takes to protect your privacy. Safe to use for all ages and surprisingly fun while providing peace of mind that you are protecting your personal information. And it is a friendlier environmental solution than shredded paper.

    LONG-LASTING & COVERAGE: Each Advanced WIDE roller will last approximately 1,600 impressions or 160 feet. The pattern width is 1.0 inches, covering six lines of standard text with Adjustable roller length. Each Advanced REGULAR roller will last approximately 1,000 impressions or 100 feet. The pattern width is 0.5 inches, covering three lines of standard text with Adjustable roller length. Each Guard Your ID Roller is protected by a twist-on cap to prevent random stamping and drying out, with a shelf life of 2 years.