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M-17S - Standard Electronic Black and White Copyboard

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Writing Panels: 2
Writing Area: 50"w x 35"h
Paper Type: Plain Paper, Black & White

The most affordable Copyboard for your most productive meetings. 

Simple, practical, efficient and stylish too. 

Store your work digitally.

Written data saved as PDF file to USB Memory device or directly to computer via USB cable connection (M-17 recognized as removable drive). Saved data is in black and white.

Print your work to plain paper.

The M-17 allows you to print the written data on the board in black and white using compatible inkjet and laser printers. Up to 10 print-outs at a time from single scan. (View compatible printer list

    Key Features 

    • 2 Writing Panels.
    • Slim Profile 3 inches slimmer than previous models the lighter M-17 is easily mounted on a wall and takes up less space in your meeting room or office.
    • Faster Scanning Time The M-17S scans in a mere 15 seconds, an improvement of 8 seconds over the previous model.
    • Smooth Hand-Scrolling The surface of the M-17 is easy to move when using just your hand. The scrolling force needed has been reduced to 7 oz (0.2kg).
    • .Plug and play  No need to install software. Both PC and Mac compatible.
    • Eco-friendly, Low Power Consumption. The M-17 uses LED light system for low power consumption. No lamp replacement is necessary. Power consumption has been reduced to 12W/3W [Operation/Standby]

     Shown with optional stand and printer (wall mounting equipment included).