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“I love these ID guards rollers ! The customer service was wonderful, Thank you ! I love using these, they are of good lasting quality.”

Francoise P.

“I really like the ID Guards. Help this Senior Citizen a great deal. Every one should buy these!”

Janet J.

“Used this product previously. I highly recommend it! It does everything as advertised. Quick and efficient.”

Kethleen V.

“I so appreciate this product......and have gifted friends with the product.”

Nancy L.

“This is the third time I am ordering these rollers. They really come in handy.”

Valerica C.

“I have been using these rollers for a few years now and love them. So easy to use and less shredding for me.”

Choozy S.

“I am pleased with the way this product covers my private information. It does a much better job than many other products I have tried.”

Philip G.

“These work wonderfully to quickly cover up your name and address and private information on your mail before recycling. I use them all the time.”